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In our drive to ensure that our students receive the best possible education that provides a wide range of skill and personal development, we host weekly speaker sessions for our sixth form students. These sessions are designed to inspire our students to explore a wide range of career options and further education paths. We are delighted that so many high-profile, interesting and well-qualified people are eager to speak at these events.

Speakers have included CEOs, business founders, Oxford University and Cambridge university professors, MPs, doctors, barristers, bankers, TV producers, entrepreneurs, journalists, authors and more, and every year, we create a varied programme of events that is sure to engage every individual student.

These speaking events are open to all Michaela Sixth Form students and will take place in the Sixth Form Common Room. They are optional, and it is hoped that students will attend at least one or two talks every half term in areas of interest or disciplines that are relevant to their course of study. These talks will be highly engaging, allowing pupils to see their subjects and different professions from a different perspective. They are the ideal experience to mention in personal statements for UCAS as they move to leave the sixth form for university.

They can also contribute to the wealth of knowledge students will want to take to their university entrance interviews. It is an opportunity to build a relationship with speakers for the future, who might then be able to help with the university application process or in seeking work experience.

Talks will take place every Wednesday, 2.50pm to 4.00pm. The full list of this year’s speakers can be viewed here.

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